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The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast is a show designed to celebrate the town of Shrewsbury UK. A town that is bursting at the seams with history, culture, inspiration and art. Not only that, its a place that has a long running reputation as one of the UK’s original festival towns.

Whether it be authors, artists, festivals or the owner of a fantastic, independent business, the Biscuit has covered it all.

Created by Alex Whiteley in late 2017, the show has gone on to do great things.

Now with the help of fellow Biscuiteers, Shane Hinton and Julie Fox ,the team look to take the town by storm!

These podcasts are designed to be enjoyed by all and each interview is carefully put together, to put both the listeners and the participants at ease. Relax and listen to how mike from Stop! cafe created his business, listen to local author Lisa Blower talk about her career or even follow the guys on their adventures through some of the town’s most exciting festivals including Comics Salopia, the Shrewsbury Flower Show and many more.

The Biscuit encourages creativity and gives local creators a worldwide stage to showcase their talents.

Your Hosts


Alex Whiteley

Alex started his journey into podcasting in 2015. Creating the thors kin podcast. An r-rated show that is hosted between the USA and the UK.

Having moved to Shrewsbury in 2017 Alex quickly fell in love with the town.

He understood that his new hometown had plenty to offer and there was an opportunity to create a show worthy of such a wonderful place.

Alex created the Shrewsbury Biscuit in 2018 with the goal of creating an audio magazine that everyone can enjoy.

Alex is a workaholic and is always looking for new ideas and ways to improve as a host and creator. His wife and fellow Biscuiteers are always nagging at him to take a day off from the show. But just as Stan Laurel was attached to his typewriter, Alex Whiteley is addicted to the Biscuit!


Julie Fox

“Hi I’m Jules, originally from down south near Heathrow. I have been living in Shropshire for 5 years and 3 of those now in Shrewsbury, which I love.

I met Alex & Shane whilst working at the Dana Prison on the scream park events.

I have recently quit working in the corporate world after many, many years and moving into the world of self-employment in Autumn 2019.

It was during the late summer of 2019 that i saw Alex’s shout-out on Facebook for more Biscuiteers and I jumped at the opportunity.

I met with Alex to understand more about the Shrewsbury Biscuit podcast, that made my mind up and thankfully the team wanted me too.

I am really looking forward to getting to know more and more about the history and people of Shrewsbury & helping to expand the Biscuit audience to further worldwide proportions.”

Shane Hinton

Shane is from Shrewsbury born and bred. He and Alex first met, whilst working at the Dana Prison scream park. The first conversation the pair had was while Shane was helping Alex put his make up on!

Shane and Alex hit it off right away. After a while of working with Shane, Alex saw something special in him.

Shane was invited onto the thors kin podcast and quickly became a fan favourite. despite doing half an hour of a show, then realising he’d forgotten to press record!

When Alex launched the Shrewsbury Biscuit, it was a no-brainer that Shane should be involved.

With a vast knowledge of the town and a quick wit Shane was a perfect for the show and now, the rest is history.